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WordPress Websites – Theme or Custom Design?

Choices! There are so many choices when it comes to a custom website. The word “custom” can have many meanings, so let’s explore the term and what options are available to business owners looking to create a fully functional, responsive new website. WordPress is a versatile and dynamic foundation and because of that, we develop over 90% of our websites using WordPress. If you can think it up, it can be done in WordPress.

Websites have come a long way in the last few years, and any current business owner should be well aware that having an appealing website is imperative to running a successful business. Loud Sky Media was created as a way for business owners to work with top notch American talent but at a fair price. Unlike other “website builder” programs, customer service should be easily accessible and with Loud Sky Media we are real people who are always around to take your calls or emails. Have an itch to call us Sunday evening at 8pm? Feel free, we are here for you. If by chance we do miss your call, we guarantee you will hear back from us within an hour.

We Only Sell You What You Need – Nothing More

Our business is about doing the right thing for our customers. Not every business needs a full fledged social media campaign and we will be the first ones to tell you why you should or should not be considering it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a specific skill that can only be performed by experienced individuals. SEO experts rarely perform any other job duties because SEO is tricky, intricate, and takes a lot of attention to detail. By hiring someone with little experience in SEO, you could be subject to penalties from search engines that will actually damage your rankings more than no SEO help at all. The professionals at Loud Sky Media are both experienced and proven in their expertise – just take a look at our previous work.

The Magic Word – “Custom”

Want to know a secret? The word “Custom” as it is used by website designers is often overly used and wildly exaggerated. Most who offer “custom” sites use the same WordPress themes as any other business and then charge you “custom” prices. When it comes to real website customization there are 3 options to consider.

  1. A WordPress Theme: There are thousands of individuals that have created themes built on the existing functionality of the WordPress platform. Most of these themes cost between $40 and $100 bucks. It’s a great option if you only need the most basic website. You insert your logo, move a few things around and you’re done. No custom coding is required. As a guesstimate, we would say 50% of the businesses that have a WordPress website fall into this category. With the engaging themes available today, when finished these sites come across as custom. In fact, you probably interact with several of them online everyday.
  2. A WordPress Theme + Customization: Think of it like buying a house but then adding your own personal details to make it your home, the way you envision it. This is a great option when you need form and functionality but want a site that doesn’t look just like your neighbors. Customization on this level requires skilled code writers to match custom touches with the existing WordPress functionality, otherwise you could end up with big, ugly problems. In our estimation roughly 40% of sites are built this way.
  3. Full Customization: This would fit the needs of a larger company that has many aspects to their work, like multiple product lines, various corporations under a parent corporation, or transactional requirements like an online shop with inventory. A graphic designer will mock up the site design and then a backend coder makes the design work. Working with us, no stock images would be used, full customization means just that – everything is unique to your business. This sort of site takes multiple people from various backgrounds – all which we just happen to have on hand!


Here is a GIANT RED FLAG to watch for. Website companies like to tell potential customers they will be getting a completely Custom Website when in reality they will be handed a regular WordPress theme. We see this all the time and frankly, it really pisses us off. Custom sounds unique, complex, showy and innovative but what it really means when being sold to unsuspecting business owners is one word – EXPENSIVE.

Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

Loud Sky Hosting was created as a result of our clients repeatedly asking us two questions. Who do we suggest for a website hosting company and who is going to maintain the site once it is completed? We created a solution to both of these questions.

Gone are the days when you simply put up a website and leave it alone. Technology moves so fast that if you don’t have someone monitoring your site, there is a good chance you have opened yourself up for a possible internet intrusion or a complete failure on function. We have partnered with a leading hosting company in the US and inserted ourselves as the watchful eyes for our clients. All websites require plugin updates and maintenance to ensure they will continue to work. Who is doing this for you now? That is what we thought – no one. We can fix that without breaking the bank. Contact us about custom site building, hosting, and personal site maintenance options.