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Conversational Remarketing

Its possible now to do amazing things with advertising. Did you know that you can continue a conversation with visitors outside of your website and email efforts? Enter ‘conversational remarketing’.


Its possible to track users who have visited your site, even if you don’t know who they are and have ads displayed on popular websites based on that information. Here is how it works. A network, such as Google Adwords, provides a piece of code to add to your website or any specific page on your website. When a user visits, a line of code is stored in their browser. Websites that participate in that network are served your ads by the ad network based on the fact that they have that line of code.

Where this becomes very interesting is the fact that a previous visitor can be reinforced to any fact you want them to know and these can even rotate. For example, they visit your site then go to YouTube and your ad tells them that your company won a certain award. They then go to the NY Times website and see another ad that gives a coupon for today. You can even introduce a new line in their browser on the basis of that second visit and perhaps now show ads based on a killer deal or a call to action like scheduling a call or getting on your email list. Its possible even to ‘fractalize’ what offers they are given based on what ads they clicked on or what page they have visited.

These new methods of marketing are more effective, and cost less than your normal cost per click methods.

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