The Student Movers

About the project:

The goal for this project was quantifiable lead generation.

Project Details:

Client: The Student Movers


We started with a custom static responsive landing page design. The end result is a super fast, high conversion landing page that works as great on mobile as it does on desktop.

The call to action is a set of two simple lead capture forms. One form at the top of the page above the fold, and the other at the very bottom – giving visitors another chance to convert. The form validation occurs asynchronously upon submit, and with our use of JavaScript, we introduced an anti-SPAM feature to ensure bots fail to submit the form.

Lead generation came from the management of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign. To track the performance of our efforts, we utilized the Google Tag Manager to track analytics. Additionally, we introduced call tracking to measure our efforts whenever someone called the phone number on the landing page. Lastly, we tracked lead capture form submissions by triggering a conversion call upon success.

Our efforts paid off by generating more than double the amount of leads in the period we ran the campaign.