Tempe Holistic Skin Care

About the project:

The main website was failing to deliver on conversions, and we were tasked with creating a landing page to aid in lead generation. Landing Pages used correctly are a tremendous way to achieve your marketing goals. When a landing page is created for a specific purpose (leads for this client) then content, look and feel can be specifically tailored. This client was in a tough position because certain pharmaceutical names like Botox®, Juvederm® are not allowed by Google for PPC unless a very lengthy and costly process is accomplished. But we are smarter and have solutions for any little bump in the road.

When you target PPC ads based upon specific keywords you will often pay more and have lower conversions. Everyone is bidding on the same words, driving up the price, shrinking the opportunities for impressions but there are ways to overcome this. For one, you need to work with us because we work smarter and deliver solutions and results because we don’t follow the pack. We find the “intent” of the client to be, a.k.a the Searcher. On the landing page we offer words and phrases mixed into the content that provides, intent. This is what we did, we marketed to those individuals based upon intent. Also, we looked at the demographics and cultural background of the intended client. Certain ethnic groups approach skincare differently than marketers who see everyone as being the same potential client. You need to deliver a user experience for what the Searcher was looking for.

Project Details:

Client: Tempe Holistic Skin Care


We started this project by delivering a custom static responsive landing page design. Everything about this design is geared towards conversions. There is a phone number and lead capture form that captures the eye above the fold, as well as other calls to action scattered throughout the page.

The lead capture form asynchronously validates so that the page is never reloaded when submitting.

Lead generation was conducted via a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, and considerable attention was put into crafting the content to sport a high keyword relevancy score.

To track our efforts, we integrated into the Google Tag Manager to easily setup call tracking, analytics, and conversion tracking.