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You don’t have to be a computer programmer or data geek to understand the basic principles of web development, so a quick lesson is in order.  In the simplest terms, web development focuses on how a website works, as opposed to how it looks (that’s web design).

Let me use a horrible analogy to illustrate my point!

Web Development HouseYou have decided to build a brand new house (future website owner). You want to ensure it is your dream home, so you hire the best architect (web designer) who can take your dreams and ideas and create a blueprint.  From there you must find a builder (web developer) who is going to use the plans drawn up by the architect (web designer) to build your dream house (website).   Now the home builder has plenty of tools at his or her disposal: hammers, saws, scaffolding, nail guns, etc.  In the world of web development these tools are the equivalent of different programming languages. It is the web developer who can use different programming languages such as,  PHP,  JAVA, Ruby, .NET, Perl, Python, ASP to develop a website based on your unique and specific requirements.

But wait, who is going to coordinate all this? This is the really important part, so pay attention. Loud Sky Media will operate as your general contractor. We will coordinate and oversell all aspects of your project to ensure complete success.  We will be the expert who can advise, design and create the perfect website for your business.

We have taken a lighthearted approach to web development, but in reality  web developers are highly skilled individuals with specialized talents. Web developers are absolutely necessary and critical to the success of your website.  At Loud Sky Media, our web developers have spent years perfecting their craft and understand the success or failure of your business equates directly to the quality and ingenuity of your website, and its ability to continuously drive business.

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