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Writing isn’t easy. Keeping up with all the writing needs of a business is difficult for any business, small or large, and today’s demands for content are higher than ever. In order to compete, businesses need press releases, ads, articles, blog posts, and social media posts written to stay on top of search results.  At Loud Sky Media, we can tackle your business writing whether you are an expert writer who just needs to free up some time, or need an expert’s help to communicate your business’s message.

How Does Working with a Copywriter Work?

When you work with Loud Sky Media, we’ll put word wizard Amy, our expert in online content to discuss your writing needs and how you can build your online reputation. She’ll assess your current website and blog (or your website in progress) and offer multi-tier suggestions based on your specific business goals and budget. You’ll also discuss the writing style you’d like to hear on your blog. We’ve mastered the art of writing in various styles to fit owner and business needs. It’s true, sounding like an aged expert in London’s wood flooring scene is no problem for this smart, witty, writer. Whether you want your blog to sound like a lawyer or a surfer wrote it, we’ll work together to make the voice on your blog reflect your business at its’ best.

Why Do I Need a Business Blog?

Part of the complex algorithm that determines where you appear in Google and Bing search results involves how Google and Bing bots see you or your business as an authority on a certain subject(s). For example, if you own a wood flooring business and post regular articles about sanding, DIY installation, and other flooring related content, Google will see your site developing regular content that is informative which can give you a competitive edge over other businesses in the same field. A blog also lets you show off the creative side of your business, posting about fun business outings, happenings, or other business news. It can also sell new products or services by giving in-depth descriptions of new products and an explanation for their creation and uses. A business blog can give you the upper-hand on local search results, and is recommended with every site completed by Loud Sky Media. We are fervent that a blog is an important tool, and are passionate about helping businesses learn how to use it.

Spoken words can be forgotten, but words written online have an everlasting impression. With search engines, anything posted online about your business is visible, no matter how long ago it was written. Make sure that your business sounds the way you want it to online. Contact Loud Sky Media and we will get Amy front and center for you.


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