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eCommerce, WordPress
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May 1st 2013
Mike Woelfel
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Project Description

Yoder’s Candies is a unique venture in that it successfully bridges the old world with the reach and technology of the new world. This eCommerce website is a conduit for those looking for an easy and quick way of ordering the highest quality confections – Amish candies and chocolates. Simply order to your heart’s content, pay, and wait for your order to arrive in 1-2 weeks. The slight delay is due to the nature of the Amish. They can’t receive email, or log into this website to manage orders. Everything must be sent by regular mail, including the initial order information.

This is a WordPress website with a responsive theme. We used WooCommerce for the shopping cart, and the entire website is protected via an SSL encrypted connection. Furthermore, the website is PCI compliant via the SSL cert, and the submission and storage of sensitive information directly through Authorize.net.

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