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Copywriting, Photoshop, WordPress
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Mark Bourgeois
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We were contacted by Mark, owner of ArborPro to help him increase business.  Mark’s first words were, “I need SEO done to my current site because I don’t show up in searches on the first page.”

This is a common question we get and our answers is always to look at the big picture and the small important details that help a site rank correctly.  ArborPro is a classic example of being in business a long time, having a great reputation but has fallen behind on the whole “Internet” presence category.  SEO for ArborPro was only a small issue. The main problem with ArborPro was the website they had, it was functionally a disaster and Search Engines do not like sites that are functionally broken.  Here is what we did and are doing for ArborPro going forward.

  • Launched a new Responsive WordPress website
  • Fixed content that was duplicate in nature
  • Added Social Media (Yes social media counts towards SEO)
  • Started a aggressive New Content campaign (Blogging) backed up by Social Media Outreach
  • Working on getting Reviews (Yes Reviews count towards SEO)
  • Took ArborPro’s PPC Campaign from Google’s autopilot to manually running the campaign. Manually running a PPC Campaign is more cost effective and provides for better conversion rates.

What we did sounds really expensive but its NOT.  If you want to grow your business or even maintain your business then you must do the basics and do them correctly.



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